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5 Tips To Keep Your Mattress Looking & Feeling Good

Posted on November 16, 2022

Many people don’t consider the mattress under their bedding as a statement piece that needs to be preserved like a rug. But a bed needs to be kept nice for practical reasons. And just as you need some carpet cleaning every once in a while, there are some needs that your mattress has to keep in good enough condition so it does not negatively impact your sleep.

1. Go To Bed Clean

A helpful way to think about most fabric surfaces is to think of them like clothing. Clothing gets dirty the more you wear it simply because your body is producing sweat and shedding dead skin, even when you are clean. But when you are already dirty, it takes no time at all for things to get filthy.

So even if you are going to bed clean, after drying off from the shower in freshly cleaned pajamas, the mattress will still get dirty. However, you can keep your mattress in much better condition for much longer, the cleaner you are when you go to bed.

2. Wash Sheets

Washing your sheets is not the equivalent to or something that can be done in lieu of mattress cleaning. However, it does help to preserve your mattress by keeping that dirt from having extended contact where it can transfer.

Sheets and blankets act as barriers. But they are permeable, so substances will leak through. And the more of a substance there is on a sheet, the more can pass on to the mattress. Just like keeping yourself clean will help protect your mattress, so will washing your sheets regularly.

3. Predicting Pets

Beyond the regular cleaning you can do surrounding your interaction with your bed, there is also the consideration of less civilized animals. What is most important is that you can do some basic predictions with your pets, and until you understand what to expect from them you do not give them unfettered access to a bedroom.

Dogs can have accidents as puppies and when they are much older. But as long as you know to let them out in their mid-age, they are quite dependable. Cats can be a bit tricker, with their ability to vomit in anger and take out vengeance with their strategic droppings. 

Pet stains can be devastating for your mattress in terms of smell and visible stains. So do what you can to protect your bed from this type of threat. But all is not lost when your pet soils your bed. You can call for mattress cleaning that professionally addresses this issue to salvage the cushion.

4. Professional Cleaning

One of the best ways to keep your mattress looking and feeling as good as it did when you purchased it is to restore it periodically with a professional cleaning service. But what does professional mattress cleaning entail? How does it differ from what you could do yourself?

There is not just a difference in access to tools and cleaning products that give expert cleaners an edge. It is their level of experience with the various types of mattresses.

Knowledge is why you don’t want to use any old company that provides steam cleaning services. You want a technician who isn’t going to use too much moisture and leave you with a soggy mattress that won’t dry before you want to go to sleep.

5. Limit Food & Beverages

The less you eat and drink in bed, the lower the risk of crumbs and spills. These types of stains are often very difficult to clean without professional intervention. And if you reduce how often you bring drinks and food into your bed, you will have a better idea of what the stain is if one is discovered.

Knowing the type of stain you have is extremely helpful information to have for the removal process. If you can limit the exposure of greasy foods and colored liquids, you will largely be fine. But if you do get some food stains on the mattress, Zero Odor Carpet Cleaning has the service you need.

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