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Rug Cleaning

Give the most experience Riverside rug cleaning a chance to clean your rugs correctly.

Riverside Rug Cleaning Service

Rug Cleaning Service

You buy beautiful rugs to make your room look nice, which is why, when they get dirty, it can be particularly frustrating. Now they’re serving the exact opposite of their purpose, and worse yet, you may not even know how to clean them properly. Each rug has its own ideal cleaning method, and you can’t risk doing the wrong thing and causing damage.

Fortunately, Zero Odor Carpet Cleaning in Riverside is here to help. We apply a variety of cleaning methods to tackle the worst messes that rugs have to offer. We know how to clean rugs, no matter how fragile yours are, so give us a call for rug cleaning in Riverside.

Steam Rug Cleaning In Riverside

Most rugs will significantly benefit from a simple steam cleaning. This Riverside rug cleaning service is so popular because it’s the best at eliminating grime. Steam cleaning can clean what vacuums can’t. There are messes that you can’t even see that steam cleaning can take care of!

Steam cleaning machines don’t actually use steam to clean. Instead, it uses hot water mixed with cleaning chemicals. This solution dissolves many different types of carpet soils on contact. It’s fired at high pressure, meaning whatever isn’t dissolved is brought to the surface. Here, it can be cleaned by a vacuum quite easily.

Fragile Rug Cleaning In Riverside

Sometimes, steam cleaning can be too rough on fragile rugs. The high-pressure machinery can cause fibers to dislodge. And the hot water and chemicals may start eliminating dyes alongside filth. In these cases, you’ll need a gentler touch.

Our cleaning services offer just that. Dry cleaning has no rough equipment. Instead, it uses chemicals that are scrubbed into the carpet by hand. It also uses very little moisture, so running dyes are less likely. It’s an effective Riverside rug cleaning option if you can’t go with steam cleaning.

Delicate Rug Cleaning In Riverside

There are some rugs that can be damaged by dry cleaning. The hand-scrubbing proves too much for them, or the chemicals don’t react well with the material, and dry cleaning is no longer an option either.

In those cases, we can take your rug off-site to be cleaned in a rug-cleaning facility. Here, they will be looked at and taken care of with the utmost consideration. They’ll only be looked at by Riverside rug cleaning experts, and get cleaned in a context where damage is unlikely. Don’t try to do everything yourself – trust us to clean your delicate rugs for you.


How long does it take for an area rug to dry?

Give it a couple hours after steam cleaning before you walk on an area rug again.

How can I make my area rug look new again?

The best way to make your area rug look new again is to hire a professional. Call us for Riverside rug cleaning.

How do you clean a large area rug without water?

There are dry cleaning options for rugs that use minimal moisture. We can do these for you. Call us if you need rug cleaning in Riverside.

Is it better to shampoo or steam clean carpets?

Steam cleaning is overall more effective than shampooing.

What is the difference between steam cleaning and shampooing carpet?

Steam cleaning uses machines that fire hot water into the carpet. Carpet shampoos are products that are rubbed into the carpet to clean them.

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