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Carpet Cleaning

Please do not take a risk on sub-par cleaning when the best carpet cleaning in Riverside is only a phone call away.

Riverside Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning Service

Your carpet houses millions of harmful particles that you need to eliminate before they start causing problems. Whether it’s bacteria, dust mites, or grains roughing up your carpet fibers, you’ll need a professional Riverside carpet cleaning sooner or later. Zero Odor Carpet Cleaning in Riverside can help you out. 

Our expert carpet cleaning technicians know how to give you a top-notch Riverside carpet cleaning worth the money you pay. We use expert cleaning techniques to get these harmful particles out of your carpet when you need them out. Call us today and schedule a same-day appointment.

Steam Carpet Cleaning In Riverside

Steam cleaning is the most effective way to thoroughly clean your carpet. This is far more effective than vacuuming if you want to truly eliminate those harmful particles. Steam cleaning machines are designed to destroy particles stuck deep within, at the bottom of your carpet’s fibers. This makes them an excellent choice for your cleaning in Riverside.

Steam cleaning machines clean by firing hot water mixed with mild chemicals into your carpet. This solution dissolves and dislodges carpet soils while pushing anything that isn’t dissolved back to the surface. Once carpet soils are on the surface, they can be vacuumed easily.

Dry Carpet Cleaning In Riverside

Sometimes, steam cleaning isn’t the best choice for you or your carpet. That’s okay, because we also offer dry carpet cleaning in Riverside. This carpet cleaning method is similarly effective at eliminating harsh particles deep within your carpet.

The dry cleaning process uses chemicals and chemical reactions to stop carpet soils. These chemicals are scrubbed into the carpet by hand, eventually finding their way to the bottom of the carpet fibers. Here, they react with the soils within and cause them to rise to the surface. Now they can be picked up by any average cleaning instrument.

What Type Of Riverside Carpet Cleaning Is Right For You?

So how do you choose between steam cleaning and dry cleaning? Which one is right for you?

Steam cleaning cleans slightly better than dry cleaning, but it can cause damage to particularly fragile carpets. It also has a somewhat long drying time, meaning it’s not ideal for surfaces that are walked on a lot. In a commercial setting, dry cleaning is generally a better idea.

Whatever option you go with, know Zero Odor Carpet Cleaning has your back! We understand all types of cleaning, and we’ll deliver our services to you with high proficiency.


Can carpet last 30 years?

Your carpet can last a long time if you have it cleaned regularly. Call us for carpet cleaning in Riverside.

Where does the dirt go when you steam clean?

Steam cleaners actually suck up the water, chemicals, and dirt for it to be dumped later. You’d be surprised at how dirty this water can get!

Can I put vinegar in my carpet cleaner?

Vinegar can harm some surfaces and should be tested before being added to your carpet cleaner. Ensure that it won’t react adversely to any other chemicals, as well.

How long does it take carpets to dry after shampooing them?

Allow a couple hours for your carpet to dry before using it again. It should still be damp for several hours after that, but this dampness is minimal, and using the carpet should be fine.

Are heated carpet cleaners better?

Any cleaning that involves heat is generally going to be very effective, and this includes hot water extraction. Give us a call, and we can do carpet cleaning in Riverside for you.

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