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How To Keep Your Trundle Bed Clean

Posted on February 15, 2023

Trundle beds are great at giving you just a little extra space. They’re convenient for sleepovers, guests, siblings, and any other situation where you need another sleeping space but can’t fit in an entire bed.

To get the most out of your trundle bed, you need to keep it as clean as everything else in your home. Here’s a guide to keeping a clean trundle bed, no matter how often you use yours.

Vacuum Weekly Or After Use

If someone sleeps in your trundle bed every night, you should be vacuuming it weekly. People (and pets!) shed skin flakes and hair as they sleep, and these gross little contaminants sit on the mattress and sheets until you do something about it. You can’t throw the whole bed in the wash, but you can vacuum it.

And if a guest has just used a trundle bed and then left, you better vacuum it to make it comfortable and clean the next time you need it.

Laundry Detergent After Mild Stains

Small stains happen. Whether someone had a sugary drink in hand while in bed or sweat a little too much overnight, it’s not hard to end up with a mild stain on your mattress.

Even if you can’t put your trundle bed mattress in a washing machine, you can still get stains out with some detergent. Mix the detergent with warm water and dab, don’t rub, into the stain. Let it sit for a few minutes before washing it out.

Vinegar After Tough Stains

Sometimes laundry detergent is too gentle, and you need something a bit stronger to remove your stain. Vinegar is not just great at removing stains but also antibacterial, so it’ll help kill all the germs in your mattress that you or a housemate could be breathing in every night.

Vinegar needs to be diluted with an equal amount of water and sprayed onto a stain. Be careful that it doesn’t come into contact with bleach. This type of care is the default if you use a Riverside Mattress Cleaning company.

Hydrogen Peroxide After The Worst Stains

Maybe you’ve determined that vinegar won’t do, and you need the most powerful cleaner you can find. Hydrogen peroxide is a type of bleach that doesn’t mess around when it comes to cleaning. In fact, you should first test it on an inconspicuous spot on your trundle bed to ensure you won’t cause any damage.

If you previously used vinegar on your stain, do not use hydrogen peroxide until you’re certain the bed’s completely clear of vinegar. These two cleaning solutions can be a terrible combination.

Professional Riverside Steam Cleaning After A Year

You should call a Riverside professional every year. Steam cleaning in Riverside is fantastic for a mattress, as it can eliminate deep grime that other types of cleaning will never touch.

This is particularly important if you use your trundle bed regularly. But even if you don’t, a solid Riverside mattress steam cleaning every once in a while can keep the bed nice for guests and others that might need it. If you need steam cleaning, contact Zero Odor Carpet Cleaning, and we’ll send one of our Riverside professionals to help you.

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