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Which Types Of Rugs Stay Clean?

Posted on January 18, 2023

Many people are looking for rugs that repel or resist dirt. But even a rug that does not absorb stains easily or attract dirt to its fibers still needs to be cleaned. It can just be cleaned a lot easier. When you are asking about which types of rugs stay clean, you are really looking for a rug that is easy to clean.

Easy To Clean Materials

Just be aware that no rug material will ever stay perfectly clean. They will just be easier to clean. This means the chances of you being able to clean them yourself is much higher. And if you do need a rug cleaning service, they will likely be able to restore the rug much easier.

The easiest soft organic fibers to clean are wool and cotton. Harsher-textured easy-to-clean organic fibers include seagrass and jute. On the synthetic side, there is polypropylene. These are rather resilient fibers and can weather quite a bit of natural wear.

Treating Your Rugs Right 

Any type of rug can be kept cleaner if it is well-maintained. The tenants of general rug care begin with treading lightly. This means that the fewer people step on the floor covering, the cleaner the rug will be. And if those stepping on the rug are only wearing socks, that is ideal. (Socks are better than bare feet.)

You should also do some general regular cleaning. This means vacuuming at least once a week. (Ideally, several times a week.) Make sure your vacuum is not overly rough on the rug fabric. Regular cleaning can also include more extensive steam cleaning services, which can be done less frequently than other types of cleaning.

Dark Colors Don’t Show Dirt

If you are looking for the appearance of cleanliness, then it is a good idea to stay away from light colors and white. Brown or dark shades of any range of colors will not be visibly soiled by naturally collecting dirt and debris.

Just be aware that darker rugs will be getting dirty. It will just be less detectable. You will still need to clean the rug, but it will not be as embarrassing if they need a bit of attention. Do not neglect darker rugs just because they are not visibly distressed, as this can lead to damage that not even Zero Odor Carpet Cleaning can fix.

Professional Rug Cleaning

If you want your rug to stay clean longer, it is best to have them cleaned by a professional rug cleaner. With an expert cleaner in your corner, your rug can be treated, so it is less likely to accumulate particles of filth.

Also, when you call for rug cleaning from a reputable company, you can be sure that the stains you are trying to get rid of will not return after it has dried. The phenomenon where a stain vanishes only to reappear hours or days later is called wicking. And this has less to do with a rug that stays clean and more to do with the quality of your cleaning.

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